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About GEC

Global Equity Consulting, LLC (GEC) provides investment banking services, business development services and business market value assessments for small to middle-market manufacturing, distribution and industrial service businesses.

GEC’s Reason

Global Equity Consulting, LLC was founded because we perceived, based on extensive discussions with business owners, a need for cost-effective services to:

  1. Enhance the growth, profitability and value of their business.
  2. Provide merger and acquisition support (buy-side or sell-side transactions) that combine industry experience with investment banking experience.
  3. Provide business owners with a realistic indication of the market value of their business and the key factors that impact that value.

We find that many business owners have been successful in growing their businesses to the point they are now fully occupied operating the business, and they have little to no time to focus on continued growth and profitability enhancement initiatives.

We also perceived a need to help business owners understand the current value of their business, how that value can be enhanced and then realize their financial and non-financial objectives in a full or partial sale of their business.

Our combination of operational profit and loss and financial and investment banking experience enables us to deliver a unique value proposition for both private business owners and corporate clients.

GEC’s Mission

To be a preeminent provider of investment banking and business development services for small- to middle-market manufacturing, industrial distribution and industrial service companies.

GEC’s Principles

  • Deliver client satisfaction on every project
  • Use integrity in all of our dealings
  • Provide a safe and rewarding working environment
  • Earn a fair return
  • Enjoy what we do
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