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Buy-Side Advisory and Transaction Support

At GEC we can put our operational and strategic planning expertise on your team to help to develop or evaluate the rationale for making one or more acquisitions, be it product line or technology extension, market extension, diversification of the customer base, enhance cost structure or other strategic imperative.

If the decision is to move forward we can put our transaction expertise to work with your team to get to a successful close:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential acquisition targets including potential synergies, capitalization needs and risks.
  • Advice on valuation, purchase price allocation and capital structure of the potential acquisition.
  • Due diligence assistance including a review of the financial performance, operating proficiency and business outlook.
  • Negotiation advice – the terms can be as significant as the purchase price.
  • Work with our client’s legal and tax advisors to make sure the key deal points are appropriately included in the transaction documents.
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