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Business Development

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One of the reasons Global Equity Consulting, LLC was founded was because we perceived a need, based on extensive discussions with business owners, for cost-effective services to help business owners enhance growth and profitability.

We find many business owners have been successful in growing their businesses to the point they are now fully occupied with operating the business and they have little to no time to focus on continued growth and profitability enhancement initiatives. Based on extensive discussions we perceived a need for cost-effective services to help business owners enhance growth and profitability. That perception is one of the key reasons Global Equity Consulting was founded.

Strategic Planning

Our StrategicAction® Planning Process will create detailed action plans derived from careful analysis. We have developed our process through many years of hands-on experience – we have walked in your shoes and understand that when you have profit and loss responsibility your plans need to be insightful, real and actionable.

Sales Improvement

With our SIPAction (Sales Improvement Program) we work with our clients to enhance their organic growth. We have extensive experience in developing and executing programs to gain market share vs. entrenched competition, expanding into new market segments and/or enhancing market coverage.

Profit Improvement

We created our PIPAction® (Profit Improvement Program) because we have found that profit improvement is an opportunity in many privately held companies, particularly manufacturing, industrial distribution and industrial service companies. There are several common issues that are root causes for suboptimal profitability – we work with your staff to identify opportunities and develop detailed action plans to achieve significant improvement.

Indications of Market Value

Many business owners would like to have an answer to the question: “What is my business worth”? Global Equity Consulting can help to answer that question along with identifying the key value drivers that impact the value of the business. Learn more about our indications of market value services.

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