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Sales Improvement Program

We created our SIPAction (Sales Improvement Program) Program because we found that it was not unusual for small- to middle-market companies to be looking for a faster rate of organic sales growth and struggling to achieve that objective.

Achieving above market organic growth, by definition, means growing market share. We have extensive experience in developing and executing programs to gain market share vs. entrenched competition, expanding into new market segments and/or enhancing market coverage.

Every SIPAction Program is structured to achieve the objectives of each individual engagement. However, the below outlines our general process.

SIPAction Program Process

  • Review legacy sales performance and lessons learned.
  • Work with senior management and the sales team to conduct market and competitive analyses.
  • Gather customer feedback on their needs and wants and how well those needs and wants are being met.
  • Define opportunities for sales growth and the roadblocks that need to be overcome.
  • Develop strategies, objectives and action plans with timetables and accountabilities.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our SIPAction Program – it is our promise that you will find our program to be highly useful and cost-effective or we have not earned our fee. Consequently you can be assured we take care to understand your objectives and expectations so we can deliver a program that works for you.

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